Thursday, 7 March 2013

Happy World Book Day 2013

It's come round AGAIN!

I love it so much: We shared the bus trip to school today with Hermione and Voldemort, Batman and Tintin. Then in the playground, we had to dodge an Enormous Crocodile, got chased by Funnybones and rescued by Rapunzel.

The teachers threw open the doors dressed as Captain Underpants (brave), Wally, The Cat in the Hat, Winnie the Witch and others..

But I think the kids I love most of all are the ones where you have absolutely NO IDEA who they are because they've picked some obscure character from some obscure book and are faithfully living the part for the day. They're playing for themselves not for the crowd. Hurray for a day for Book Nerds!

So the Fellow Reviewers?

Here they are- I present one Dinkin Dings ready to be frightened of everything EXCEPT his Frightening things.

And here is the one, the only Mr. Willy Wonka- faithful to Quentin Blake down to the last detail- "...and I must have pearly grey gloves Mum, and a small black goatee, and Totally Orange socks not the ones with blue heels and bottle green trousers and..."
Thank God for the miracle that is polyester dye. I just hope he doesn't sit next to any naked flames or severely asthmatic children today.

Have a Great Book-Fun-Filled Day

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