Friday, 20 April 2012

Super Animal Adventure Squad

Conversation circa 7am today-
'Morning Bill! Sleep well?'
'Yup. Oh but I stayed up nearly all night reading the WHOLE of 'Super Animal Adventure Squad'. It was really funny. I think it was at least 10 o' clock- hmm no maybe 9 o' clock- but really late anyway when I turned my light out'

That's today's review sorted then.

'Super Animal Adventure Squad' is a strip by James Turner that originally appeared in the DFC comic. Since that publication's demise it is one of a series that has been collated and given its own volume under the 'DFC library' banner. James Turner is also responsible for what may be my favourite 'Phoenix' comic strip; the marvellous 'Star Cat'. That both came from the same hand is not all that mysterious; the Squad and the Space Crew have a fair amount in common.

There are two stories in the volume. In 'Teatime of Doom' Agents K, Rex, Irwin, Beesley and Bearbot (variously cat, iguana, pelican, bee and robot) must stop evil Doctor Nefarious from stealing the world's cake supply with ants to force consumption of his own brand broccoli sponge (Nooooo!). In the longer 'The Case of the Baboon Bandit' our heroes turn pirate to try and steal back the Jade Baboon of Rangoon from Green Beard, but must then go even further and win a cookery competition on board to save the entire world from turning into a lemon souffle.


'Alright, the world is doomed unless we can win this cookery competition and all we have is a soggy, burned, fish-covered mess that Irwin has been sick on... But let's not panic- perhaps we still have time to make an omelette or something...'

(and who's not been THERE eh?)

Gloriously, gloriously, snortingly silly stuff. AND extremely cleverly written too (just in case anyone is misguided enough to be snobbish about a comic)(or thinks it is just about 'Asterix' and 'Tintin')(I KNOW all my readers are far too hip and discerning to fall into that category though)
It's been sitting on Bill's shelf for a while. I'm glad he's discovered it; I've been waiting to have a good chat with him about it. When he's caught up on his sleep of course.

'Super Animal Adventure Squad' by James Turner, pub. David Fickling Books, isbn 978-0 857 56027 8


  1. I think this is one my eldest will really love when she's reading more confidently. One of her favourite TV programs is Pet Squad, which is similarly surreal.

  2. I think it may be impossible NOT to love this if you have a funny bone.