Monday, 2 April 2012

Making 'Ronny Rock' Suddenly cakes

Okay so it's holiday time again which means the Little Wooden Horse gets a little bit erratic in posting and  a little bit crazier in the contents of posts under the influence of The Fellow Reviewers in the House.

Specifically we're planning some explosions.

only a thousand tiny ones to start with mind.

Back here we reviewed the first delicious book about baker's son Ronny Rock written by Merryn Threadgould and illustrated by Bruce Ingman. Since then, the second volume has been published; 'Ronny Rock starring in a Thousand Tiny Explosions'.We were first in the queue at the bookshop; 'if you like cakes and comics and carrying on like a Rock Star then this is the book for you'. Yes please.
The story revolves around Ronny's continued progress to Master Baker status through his experimentations with 'Boing Busta' sweets and chocolate cakes during 'take your child to work day'. The result; 'Chocolate Suddenlys' which have the potential to set off a thousand tiny explosions inside your mouth and set you grooving, jiving, moonwalking, flipping and jitterbugging from first bite.

We WANTED some.

So we went and purchased some 'Boing Bustas' of our own

Which come with this warning...obviously they're worried about unsupervised dancing rocking the house off it's foundations. very sensible.

Then we made some chocolate brownies and did some Ronny style doctoring.
and ate them
and then this happened

and after that everything is a slightly nauseous blur. Fun though.
'Ronny Rock starring in a thousand tiny explosions' by Merryn Threadgould, illustrated by Bruce Ingman, pub. Walker isbn 978-1-4063-3157-8

Off to go and lie down in a darkened room for the rest of the afternoon.


  1. What a cool mom you are!!!!

    1. A real mad hatter's tea party!

    2. Ohhh the popping candy hangover.... worse than absinthe.
      Kids obviously entirely perky and fine- sugar is their Life Force.

  2. Very cool.

    Is there any chance of you doing a blogpost on The Little Wooden Horse sometime? (If you haven't already and I just missed it). I got it out of the library and read it and was interested in why it was your favourite.

    1. Very first Blog post was on 'The Little Wooden Horse'-January :)

  3. Thank you - will go back and read