Wednesday 4 April 2012

Martha and the Bunny Brothers

Absolutely no explosions today apart from little hoppy joyful ones with small fluffy cotton tails (oh- and a minor incident with a cream jug at lunchtime-standard stuff); The Little Wooden Horse has been on a roadtrip Up West to see Clara Vulliamy read and draw on i pads from her oh-so-pretty new book 'Martha and the Bunny Brothers -I heart School'.

Bunny fever had been building for a while in the house thanks to Clara's very warm and welcoming presence to a newbie blogger/tweeter and her own scoop-it-with-a spoon-and-eat-it lovely website here. Shortly after publication day I found myself drawn into the bookshop to just take a quick look and then found myself drawn to the till to just take it home. It really is the smiliest book of ice cream colours and perky eared rabbit cheer.

I confess though I bought it for me really. As it's the story of a girl bunny just starting school I thought my too cool Fellow Reviewers might think themselves too old and too male to be charmed by a yellow cardie and a pair of spotty welly boots.
Ohhh no. How wrong was I? Eddie has been clutching this book since it entered the house four days ago, using it as a pillow and reading and re-reading it late into the night. I don't get a look in- grump. It's full of nice lists of things and choices and asides as we get to know Martha and her small brother bunnies and that is Just What he Likes. Plus he likes the affirmation of just how big you have to be to get to go to school. He is VERY big- just like Martha.
He was pretty excited about the prospect of a real life encounter with Martha and her creator (and so was I). Bill was acting casual but a little stoked too, especially at the chance to meet them in the temple of screens that is the Apple store. Roooaaad Trrrrippp!

Martha protected by ropes and Apple Security from lone stalker Mega-Fan.

Clara read us the book in i form and we watched it on the big screen. Technology was not necessarily the winner here as the screens proved a bit unreliable and kept going blank behind her leading to some pantomime style yelling from the audience. I do heart my i pad but it was nice to be reminded why kick it old school lovely big picture books are still Tops.
Then Clara demonstrated how to draw Martha on the screen; including the proper positioning of ears for conveyance of all moods and how to correct sartorial mistakes.
Then it was our turn.

and even slightly superior older brothers found they quite liked drawing Martha....
kung fu style.

What a Happy Bunny Day! Visit and you can join the Happy Bunny Club too. I'm wearing my badge with pride.

'Martha and the Bunny Brothers- I Heart School' by Clara Vulliamy, pub. Harper Collins
isbn 978-0-00-741916-6
quite posssibly as effective as prozac, gin, chips, chocolate or climbing a tree in lifting the spirits depending on your age/inclination.

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