Wednesday, 15 February 2012

More Roald Dahl recipe fun.

We've carried on with our adventures with boiling sugar.
First, at Bill's request from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'; 'Candy Coated Pencils for sucking in Class'

Only one second degree burn sustained...definitely NOT for kids to cook on their own.

so elegant you'll agree :)

Mmm...not a lot of drawing going on.

Today- from 'James and The Giant Peach'- magic green crystals made of crocodile tongues (possibly)

Should have stirred that colouring in better. And no photo of the moment of magic adding the bicarbonate of soda but I was a bit flustered by the burning caramel.

Don't run with them!

Now what magic occurrences are going to happen overnight to us? (possibly just the loss of all our teeth)Will we still be here tomorrow? Wait and see.


  1. This looks so yummy! I've seen it done on cookery shows but never tried it. I think if I did I would eat it all myself!

    1. It's good... But would be even better without green food coloring and dipped in chocolate ;) in bed now and still have the ingredients.... Very good fun to make.