Thursday, 9 August 2012

Summer Holiday Themes 7: Holiday!

When you've got so deep into the holidays that this starts to happen-
it's time to go away for a change of scenery...

We're off to Cornwall for a couple of weeks of mooching about rock pools and eating clotted cream and pasties (not necessarily together- but it's entirely possible.)

Eddie's got one book that he's connecting with very strongly in regard to this holiday; Mark Haddon and Peter Sutton's lovely 'Ocean Star Express' which opens:

'This summer, Joe and Mum and Dad are spending two weeks by the seaside at the Ocean Star Hotel. For five whole days the sky is bright blue and the air is warm as toast. Dad teaches Joe to do the crawl.
Joe rides the helter-skelter on the pier with Mum. They fish for crabs, play crazy golf and order knickerbocker glories in the Mermaid Tearooms.'

A perfect wish list for his holiday; his nightly chorus is now 'and will WE fish for crabs? and will WE play crazy golf? and will WE eat knickerbocker glories? ...although I may be a bit scared to go down the helter-skelter Mum. May I use the stairs?' Personally I think teaching him the crawl may be a little ambitious.

But as long as he's not also expecting the book's perfectly formed miniature railway in the loft of our holiday cottage it all sounds good to me.

See you on our return.


  1. Hope you are having a lovely summer holiday. I've always thought Cornwall was an ideal vacation destination since Over Sea Under Stone from Susan Cooper. Hope you fill up on pasties too!

    1. Oh must re-read that one soon! Thank you. We sure enjoyed our pasties...