Saturday, 4 August 2012

Summer Holiday Themes 5: Tooth

A year ago Bill lost his first top front tooth and quickly grew another (as you do at 7- harder at 41) to fill in the gap.

Since then he has also been merrily growing in the second top front tooth but with no loss of the baby tooth; giving him a kind of two tier mouth. We've been calling him Shark Boy for months now.

Yesterday however, seismic action occurred thanks to a corn on the cob which shifted the baby tooth to a critical point. It is now formally deemed to be 'hanging on a threadle'; a phrase coined in our house from Dorothy Edwards' 'My Naughty Little Sister' excellent wobbly tooth story. My naughty little sister refuses to part with her wobbly tooth despite its threadle status until the dentist requests to keep it for his special tooth collection when she efficiently whips it out. She wants it 'to wobble with'.

Bill, to do him credit, is trying to efficiently whip it out too but to no avail as yet- for more mercenary reasons to do with tooth fairies I suspect. (He is a firm Believer- a pragmatist my boy). Eddie keeps offering to give it a good pull too but as yet has had all offers declined. It can't be long now anyway though, look:

or don't- not if you have a weak stomach for loose teeth anyway. But bear in mind his poor mother has to look at him wobbling at it CONSTANTLY.

Honestly I think its giving him as much pleasure as a really good session on the Wii.

Channelling 'Nurse Matilda'

and just what is a 'threadle' anyway?

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