Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy International Book Giving Day!

The Proper Purpose of February 14th has been revealed: Share your love in an uncomplicated, tat-free way by a bit of literary redistribution to children known and unknown with books new, second hand or borrowed from the library.

If you missed my first post about this wonderful idea you can catch up on the details at the 'official' site here.

Our own plans have been slightly put on hold by the half term holiday, but 'North' and a few others are waiting to be donated to the boys' school. I have also ordered 'I Want my Hat Back' by Jon Klassen and 'There are No Cats in This Book' by Viv Schwartz to add to the Volunteer Reading Help stock as they seem to achieve the crucial trinity of funny/cool/easy to read. I'll feed back in future posts as to how they go down with my trio of lovely Year 1s.

For book giving to my own pair, we've shared the Love at the library this morning; using it so as not to risk losing it. (Even more valued since watching this film about the work of Book Aid International and the power of libraries to empower communities worldwide) Eddie chose 'Winston the Book Wolf' by Marni Mcgee and Ian Beck. Bill chose 'My Brother's Hot Cross Bottom' by Jeremy Strong.

Finally here are two (rather rambly- my interview technique needs some work) discussions with My Fellow Reviewers about their own feelings about today and the books they'd choose to give.


(and just in case you think there is no conventional romance in my soul; here is my Gift of Love for the husband on his return.)

Happy February 14th!
Edited 21/02/12- Here are the new books meeting their new home in the Volunteer Reading Help Box. I think they're going to be well loved there.


  1. Happy IBGD! I love the videos.

    Thanks to your suggestion I gave my daughter a new Michael Rosen book- that was definitely the right choice!

    1. Thanks for visiting! I'm so glad the Michael Rosen was popular. we think he is (the peas squished)on the bees knees.

  2. So much wonderful book-ness! Your two chosen books for VRH are such good ones. And I love the porkpie too :-)

  3. The porkpie went down well. Thank you to you and Amy for all the love and effort you put into this. We look forward to next year.

  4. Thank you for participating and writing a couple great posts about International Book Giving Day, Polly! I added your picture and note about how you celebrated to our Photos & Stories page and flickr group: http://bookgivingday.blogspot.com/p/photos-stories.html

  5. I have tried to comment on your blog before but not been able too! I think Blogger blogs can be uncooperative. I'm glad it worked this time!

  6. I'm so sorry- how rude of my Blog to deny you ;)! I have had the same problem with some Word Press blogs- they obviously get all snooty with each other.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work- we look forward to more next year.