Sunday, 17 February 2013

Lulu and the Treasure Hunt

A book review! I remember those! Ah well...apologies...I'm feeling a bit pulled in different directions at the moment and then end up doing nothing but going to the fridge to see if eating another bit of cheese will help.

So. As I have made reference to on other occasions, Master Eddie loves a lot of books but he does not love ALL books and he is often quite sniffy about NEW books. They must be sneaked under the wire when he is off guard to see if they will take or not.

But occasionally he surprises me by absolutely Hearting something on the very first exposure. 'Lulu and the Treasure Hunt!' by Emma Chichester Clark received that special Eddie accolade this week. Yesterday a wrestle with his brother went a bit wrong (much to the shame and chagrin of the brother I must note) and he ended up with a nasty graze on his chin. It took some time for this injury to be recovered from but it was 'Lulu' (possibly in combination with a few chocolate coins) that produced the first chuckle again. Eddie it seems, is extremely susceptible to the charm of a poodle in a spotty bow saying 'Ooh la la!'. And who can blame him for that?

This is the second book about Lulu from Emma Chichester Clark's Wagtail Town series. Lulu and her doggy friends go on a treasure hunt in the park but Lulu is torn between her desire to get to clues and her promise to look after smallest-dog -of-all; shih tzu Bonnie. The sad story of the guilt of responsibilities betrayed is familiar and gently handled. (It's not all sad in case you were worrying)
It's the format for the telling which is particularly satisfying for Eddie and me though. There's a really good map of the town at the beginning. There's much satisfying busy-ness to spot in the pictures and aside bubbles of text to read. There's a lot of potential for off-text discussions about favourites; a characteristic of many of our best books. "Which dog do YOU like the best Mum?"(Otto-always have a soft spot for a sausage dog) "Where would YOU like to live Mum?"(can't resist Bonnie's flat that looks like a piece of battenburg) "What colour chocolate bone would YOU choose MUM?" (yellow) We love the range of dog expressions in both eye and ear. It's all in lovely neopolitan ice-creamy happy colours too. One of those books that inspires strange urges to give it a hopeful lick in case it also tastes ice-creamy.

We'll have to get the first book now; which I can tell will be just as popular; having both 'Ooh la la's!' AND  a lot of cake in it.

'Lulu and the Treasure Hunt!' by Emma Chichester Clark, pub. Harper Collins isbn 978-0-00-742517-4

disclosure: We received our copy by kindness of the publisher. Our opinions are our own.

Fans of Emma Chichester Clark or of dogs or of blogs but especially of all three should be aware of the massive treat that is Plumdog Blog. I am very much hoping that this will become the next 'Secret Diary of an Edwardian Lady' craze and that one day I will be able to buy  not only a Plum Dog desk diary but a duvet cover and co-ordinating waste paper basket...Come ON publishers!


  1. AAAHHH... I haven't read this one yet, but I was a huge fan of the first one, so am very keen to try this one out too, especially having read your review :-) Good luck with the cheese hunt....

  2. Oh, have been meaning to get my hands on Lulu and the Treasure Hunt for ages. Will put it back to the top of my list. Thanks!