Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Summer Holiday Themes 10: The Last Day

6 and a half weeks are coming to an end. Our school seems to be one of the last stragglers back given the amount of pictures of children in smart new uniforms I'm picking up on Facebook this week. I have to say (and hats off to all you homeschooler/Radical Unschoolers out there) I am quite ready.

and so I believe are the fellow reviewers. Eddie's reached the point where he spent a morning systematically snipping a ball of wool into tiny pieces, or 'knitting' as he liked to call it (very radical unschool I reckon).
Bill has made and eaten four cakes which is frankly more than enough for his own good. And where they started out rather good if you favour your cakes Excessively Chocolatey (and I do)...
he's now gone a bit experimental with his eye on a future Great British Bake off appearance and I'm less convinced.

And so today is officially The Last Day of the Holidays, which should have been spent in the Traditional Shoe Queue Nightmare but instead was spent enjoying the freshly arrived British Summer on the South Bank fulfilling a few last requests from the condemned men.
'Can we go to a cafe and have chips?'
'...sausages for me!'

'and ice-creams for all'
There was also time for the last points of the Summer-long wrestling match to be awarded and the final result to be declared...

... a draw of course!

and to take in the delights of 'The Hairy Maclary Show' which had us all scratching each others ears and panting in unison, and not because of either nits or stomach punching contests for once.

But that's all over now. Time for some serious contemplation of the challenges of the year ahead. Goal setting and steady intellectual application are called for.
That's the spirit my sons! Off you go now. There are quiet cups of tea to be drunk, windows to be stared out of  with only the birdsong to be heard and the odd book to be blogged about. See you Monday.

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  1. Mmm British sausages!

    Good luck with back to school, can't wait to see the obligatory uniform pic.