Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer Holiday Themes 2. Puppets

There is a (fairly well known) book here if you hold on for it.

Bill has had a great day at The Little Angel Theatre's 'Cartoon Caper' puppet workshop. As the sun shone the most convincingly we've seen it all year he was down in a basement in a windowless room, getting busy with crepe paper and glue with his best mates and an unlimited supply of biscuits. Perfect happiness.

The Little Angel Theatre would certainly make my top 100 reasons why Living in London with Kids is Good. It's a small gem of a venue, showing consistently excellent puppet shows that transcend the lowest common commercial denominator in both originality of source material and through a certain revelry in darkness. In fact today was the first visit back for one of Bill's friends since he had to be removed in a state of terror from a show at the age of 3. Cool.

Eddie and I went to collect Bill from the Islington Museum at the end of the session in time to view their 'show'. I'd not been to this small museum before and it proved a worthwhile place for a  poke around while we waited; chiefly marked for Eddie by an excellent selection of hats to try.
listening to an account of Islington in the blitz in a tricorn. as you do.

Victorian bride.
And then the final puppet parade. They'd been invited to bring in any favourite book, tv or cartoon character to make into a puppet. The show had an Olympic battle theme; and so we were treated to Miffy versus TinTin and a Moshi Monster in a trampoline showdown and Homer Simpson being trounced by Luke Skywalker in the javelin.

Bill's section was the fencing. Who did he choose to make? Harry Potter of course. Here's the boy wizard fashioned from cup and papier mache.
and here is Harry Potter in action commentating on a fiercely fought bout between Frodo and Lego Ninjago's Kai.
Unexpectedly gripping. His first foray into fan fiction perhaps?

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