Monday, 25 June 2012

Oh. My. Oh. My.

UNPRECEDENTED EXCITEMENT  here at the Little Wooden Horse.

This week my Fellow Reviewers and I are going to be fortunate enough to interview not just one but TWO of our favourite authors and ask them Whatever We Want.

Eddie is PARTICULARLY full of ideas about what to ask a Real Life Living Writer.
Bill is taking the task extremely seriously and cultivating his Serious Interviewer Face.

I'm going to play the tease and say no more about who these two lovely authors of loveliness might be but I offer you two clues.

1. I have been shopping for a metre of finest fake fur this week and a packet of 15 dernier tan tights.

2. They might have something to do with this wonderful festival-

which is crammed full of events of utter brilliance. If you live anywhere near South London visit the website now and book your tickets quick; the list of authors and illustrators who'll be there to entertain you is pretty jaw dropping.
Take a look here:

and Watch This Space to find out more about the tights.


  1. Oh how exciting! Hope you share Bill's Serious Interviewer Face with all of us!

    1. It's pretty Serious. I hope you're ready...